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If you are having any issues running the software, check this update notice. If the problem persists, our staff is ready to help. We are open Monday through Friday, 9:00-5:00 ET.


1-800-243-1969 ext. 388


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System down?
Here’s a backup plan.

If you lose power or your internet connection, our popular Visitor Badge Sign-In Books let you continue to sign in, badge, and keep track of your visitors by hand.

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Control Who Crosses Your Threshold™

Welcome to the NEW THRESHOLD Security Website!


Enjoy a fresh Digital Experience! Our same trusted products and services have been given a brand-new digital home.

  • Product filter makes it easy to find what you need
  • eVisitor Software now available for online purchase
  • Site designed for user-friendly navigation
  • More badge accessories and cleaning supplies
  • Improved site speed

The Red Flag feature has been improved! Now you can set your system to not print a badge for any visitor record that has been previously marked with a Red Flag. The attendant will be prompted to redirect the visitor according to your security protocol.

Special New Feature: Red Flag, No Badge

Flag alertsIt’s easy and free to activate this feature. Simply call us and ask for “Red Flag, No Badge” to be turned on. Once it’s on, the above pop-up will come up when a red flagged visitor comes back. No badge will print and the attendant will need to follow the facility’s policy for handling red flagged visitors.

The flags and notes only show to the desk attendant, not the visitor. 

Please contact eVisitor Support with any questions on how to use Flags in your system. 

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