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Keep track of visitors at all your campuses

Every school wants to keep its students safe, but it can be challenging to keep track of each parent, visitor, or maintenance worker who enters the building. 

Our School Visitor Management System streamlines the visitor management process thereby relieving much of the stress of front office staff. The best part? The added security of our software, school visitor badges and log books helps keep children safe.

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Threshold Security
Visitor Badges
Expiring, Non-Expiring
& Color-Coded
  • Confirm visitor sign-in for entry
  • Expire to prevent re-use of badges
  • Color coding for special or restricted access
  • Deter unauthorized entry
  • Badges on a roll compatible with most label printers
Threshold Security
eVisitor Software for Visitor Management
Computer or Kiosk
  • Sign-in via license or keyboard
  • Cloud-based data backup
  • Flag alerts and sex offender lookup
  • Track and limit visitors by room
  • Gather data for robust reporting
Threshold Security
Visitor Sign-in Books
Expiring & Non-Expiring Badges, Tardy Slips, Student Sign In & Out Forms
  • Quickly create an ID badge
  • Duplicate log created automatically
  • Sealed right edge for confidentiality
  • Custom-printed with your logo
  • Quick and portable

School Industry Resources

  • Paula Cera,
    “We went to a locked door system shortly after 9/11. It was a sign of the times. We needed a system that would allow us to not only know who was in our buildings, but a system that would allow teachers and staff to readily identify that a person in the building had come through the office and checked in. I did a little research on different visitor sign in systems, and found that Data Management was the best fit for our school. Not only did they place our very recognizable logo on the badges, but provided an attractive, clearly visible display which welcomed visitors and directed them to sign in. The staff and parents are very happy! I rate this product (on a scale of 1-5): Quality: 5, Customer Service: 5, Ordering Process: 5. Thanks, from a happy repeat customer!”
    Paula Cera,
    Office Manager, Friends School Mullica Hill, Mullica Hill, NJ
  • Deborah Norwood,
    “I enjoy using the products we order from THRESHOLD. It makes it less stressful for our receptionist to have to be burdened with writing each visitor/volunteers name down herself. With the Visitor Passes we have a private carbon copy for ourselves in case a verification is needed of who and when a person was in our building. The Tardy/Early dismissal passes are great for teacher which shows what time a student checked in late for school and the student or parent receives a copy of a check out for their record. The school has a back-up copy for student database.”
    Deborah Norwood,
    Receptionist, Mae Jemison High School, Huntsville, AL
  • Jean Smith,
    “The badge is very visible. Our school likes the fact that we have a formal badge and permanent log system in place. If any issue arises, we have written proof of what visitors were on our grounds. Parents feel comfortable and safe that this system is in place.”
    Jean Smith,
    Secretary, Jefferson Elementary School, Collinsville, IL
  • Diolanada Gonzalez,
    “We are pleased with the use of our Visitor's passes. In the past we really had no use for them. But with time and all the shootings that have been happening, we have to protect our students as well as our Faculty and Staff members. Thank you for making my life a little safer and better. God bless. ”
    Diolanada Gonzalez,
    St Joseph's School, Alice, TX
  • Terry Detorie,
    “In most cases the phrase "great quality at a reasonable price" is overused, but not when it relates to Data Management, Inc. Their customer service is outstanding, the quality of work is first rate and the price is right. Jodie Dario and Data Management are great to work with.”
    Terry Detorie,
    Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, MD
  • Mrs. June M. Lentz,
    “We use this book on a daily basis and we ask that the student present the "ticket" to the teacher. The teacher is asked to send the tardy slip home so the parent is aware that the student has had some tardy issues. These books assist us in communicating our concerns and awareness of absentees. I would recommend this book for any school to help stay on top of tardy concerns, which in time can result in absentees. Glad to have it in my office!”
    Mrs. June M. Lentz,
    Canal School, Westbrook, ME
  • Karen Nardi,
    “This new sign-in system has helped us to maintain an organized log while accomplishing our goal of streamlining all visitors, parents included, through the main office.”
    Karen Nardi,
    Secretary, St. Anthony School, Winsted, CT
  • Loretta Hannum,
    “We love the Visitor Pass System. The one-write feature definitely saves time and makes my job easier. The labels are just the right size, and your service and ability to customize to fit our needs are second to none.”
    Loretta Hannum,
    Security Officer, East Hartford Middle School, East Hartford, CT
  • Karen Barry,
    “Parents and visitors are much happier with the sign-in procedure, it's less complicated. We are very happy with Visitor Pass.”
    Karen Barry,
    F.E. Smith Elementary , Cortland, NY
  • Trekatta Brown,
    “These are great. We don't have to leave our desk as much. The parents like the idea of getting their own badges. The sign-in with the picture of McGruff makes them feel safe. We now have an official log book for record keeping.”
    Trekatta Brown,
    Kegotank Elementary School , Mappsville, VA

Control Who Crosses Your Threshold™

Welcome to the NEW THRESHOLD Security Website!


Enjoy a fresh Digital Experience! Our same trusted products and services have been given a brand-new digital home.

  • Product filter makes it easy to find what you need
  • eVisitor Software now available for online purchase
  • Site designed for user-friendly navigation
  • More badge accessories and cleaning supplies
  • Improved site speed

The Red Flag feature has been improved! Now you can set your system to not print a badge for any visitor record that has been previously marked with a Red Flag. The attendant will be prompted to redirect the visitor according to your security protocol.

Special New Feature: Red Flag, No Badge

Flag alertsIt’s easy and free to activate this feature. Simply call us and ask for “Red Flag, No Badge” to be turned on. Once it’s on, the above pop-up will come up when a red flagged visitor comes back. No badge will print and the attendant will need to follow the facility’s policy for handling red flagged visitors.

The flags and notes only show to the desk attendant, not the visitor. 

Please contact eVisitor Support with any questions on how to use Flags in your system. 

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